It’s not uncommon to see kids have private tutors in films and TV shows. In most cases, these are children of rich parents who need to up their grades or are having trouble with the school curriculum.


But are tutors just that — private teachers? Nope! They’re much more. Aside from helping with math, languages, or even writing, they identify subject areas with which students struggle the most.


Families hire tutors during the whole school year, for one semester, or only when it’s time to prepare for ACTs and SATs. Either way, there’s always some work. It’s a great job opportunity, and we’re here to help you checklist all the requirements for it.

At Least, a High School Graduate

High school graduates make perfect fits for tutors. But how so? Well, it’s simple. Most students who need help with their work are closer to your age, so you’re pretty much aware of what they’re learning currently. On the other hand, they will find you more comforting when it comes to handling the material. If you can do it, well, they’ll know that they can make it too.


But that’s not all. Aside from being cool with the students, it’s key that you follow their parents’ plan. Most parents will want the best education for their children, but they won’t be able to pay for expensive professors who have higher education than you. Therefore, you will suit their budget perfectly. But no worries. Not being an NYU graduate doesn’t mean poor earnings. It all comes down to what you agree with the student’s parents.

Join Groups, Platforms, or Associations

Your future tutoring experience doesn’t have to follow any straight guidelines. You can do it on your own and at a pace that suits you. The only thing that matters is that you get as many students as possible under your tutoring wing. But to do that successfully, it’s best to join a group of tutors. Like any other line of work, classic and online tutoring has platforms and associations that help people raise their credentials and have better exposure.


Some of these groups include tutoring certifications that can help you earn more. You know, the more points you have on a platform, the more you can charge. But it’s not just about how costly your services will become eventually. It’s also about being out there and available when concerned parents Google for help. Also, there are numerous tutoring sites these days, with some providing you with international work, which pays even better.

Start Introducing Yourself as a Tutor

Marketing is essential for any line of work these days. The same goes for tutoring. If you’re not a part of some tutoring company, you’ll need to grow your network. And what better way to do so than to introduce yourself as one? Nope! It’s not about jumping out from bushes on the streets and telling people who you are. It’s about being vocal about your line of work on social occasions. There’s bound to be someone in need of your services.


Another way to increase your reach as a tutor is to set up social media accounts. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, you should be active online. Nowadays, everyone is constantly on their phones, so the best way to contact them is to pop out of their screen. So, share your page and account with friends and pay platforms to advertise your services to parents and high school students.

Star Low, Start Slow

Starting a new career is always difficult. Regardless of what you’re about to do, there are always doubts. For tutoring, it’s the same. It’s crucial to be patient, as things won’t always go the way you plan, from students not being responsive enough to their material being sometimes a bit worrying even for you.


On the other hand, patience is important because you might face spells where there isn’t much work. This is common when you start but can happen suddenly during your tutoring career. Either way, you should keep your head high. If you take your career seriously enough, these drought periods won’t last for long.

Earn a Certificate for Tutoring

No matter if you’re looking to become a high-school or college tutor, you could always use a certificate to boost your chances. With a paper that says who and what you are, more and more students will jump at the opportunity to work with you. It will also be a good sign for their parents who are paying you. It’s as simple as that.

Earn a Degree in Education

We’ve said how being a high-school graduate is perfect for becoming a tutor. You’re young, and students can connect with you better, and due to your education, parents won’t need to pay you silly amounts of money. However, if you want to make a great living doing this job, we fully recommend going to college and earning better credentials.


With better education, you can always ask for more money. On the other hand, you’ll have more and more students coming to you due to your ratings. And if you start using platforms for tutors, you’ll once again rate higher than the rest. So, the better your portfolio, the better the chances of you beating the competition and earning more.

Increase Your Skill Specialty

Tutoring students isn’t just about them being better at school or college. It’s also about improving your set of skills. Both online tutoring services and traditional ones — meeting students in person — will allow you to go through materials that will help you evolve as an expert in a certain field. Be it writing or math, the more you do it, the better you’ll be at it.


We all know that learning is an unending process. As such, staying in touch with a subject for longer allows you to have a full grasp of things. But it can also benefit you in other ways, like preparing you to enroll at a university. Being a high-level tutor with experience will make any entrance exam a piece of cake.


All in all, tutoring is a great job for anyone. If you’ve just finished high school or college, you can easily connect with students and earn a decent living. On the other hand, if you’re an elder, it can help you catch up with a subject and make your days more interesting. Either way, it pays good money and isn’t hard work that will make you regret waking up in the morning.