We can all agree that modern fashion isn’t conservative in any way. Long gone are the days when men wouldn’t wear anything pink or when women would be forced to put on corsets to have an appropriate silhouette. Nowadays, everyone wears pretty much what they want. From colors to cuts to materials — everything goes. You can combine sportswear with high-end fashion and still look both cool and classy.


Since we’re so open to all fashion ideas, it’s no wonder why more and more people are incorporating latex material into their wardrobes. And this is regardless of its connections to underground sex communities. It’s a legitimate fashion choice for all kinds of occasions. But how does one wear it? Isn’t wearing latex garments uncomfortable? Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. Allows us to explain the ins and outs of wearing it.

Can I Wear a Catsuit Like Regular Clothing?

Let’s be frank here. Yes, you can wear catsuits just like any other type of clothing. It just works, no matter if you’re looking to appear sexy in bed or stylish while hitting the town. You don’t think so? Well, just look at some recent fashion shows around the world. More and more designers are using it for their creations. Moreover, many celebrities and pop stars feel good about it and wear it all the time, from the Kardashians to Lady Gaga and Cardi B.


Of course, these women have it easier. They are celebrities, so they don’t really care what regular folks think of their style. One aspect of their jobs is to be provocative and exciting when it comes to fashion. But they’re just making it easier for the rest of us. After all, celebrities are here to set standards and push all things underground to the mainstream. As such, in a few seasons’ time, latex catsuits will be all the rage in fashion circles.

How to Style a Catsuit?

Since catsuits are, by definition, onesies, it might be hard to add anything else to your outfit. However, as people say, less is more. In warmer conditions, you can rely solely on your latex catsuit, pairing it with shoes of your choice. They can have heels, but you can also wear sneakers of any complementary color.


On the other hand, if it’s colder than usual, catsuits will work nicely with different jackets or blouses. Regarding jackets, well, we’d go with something classic, so denim or leather. Both will look cool and a bit punkish. For blouses, they can be of pretty much any color or design. From floral to one-color, again — everything goes.

What About Pairing Some Accessories?

Talking about dresses and outfits wouldn’t work if we didn’t mention accessories. These add-ons are what sets an okay outfit from a great one. Whether it’s glasses, bags, scarves, or anything else, it doesn’t matter — you should think about pairing something with your latex catsuit, just as you would while wearing anything else.


Namely, sunglasses work great with latex, especially matte black ones. They make you both dangerous and mysterious, like some futuristic super agent. On the other hand, you can pair plastic bags too, and shiny faux leather will fully complement your style. Nevertheless, if you intend to use latex in your bedroom, you can level up by wearing a BDSM hood.

Why Is Wearing a Catsuit Becoming More Popular?

Like with all fashion trends, there must be a reason latex is becoming more popular. However, this trend isn’t just about how this type of material looks — it’s also down to ethics. Unlike leather, latex is an animal-friendly material. Yup, in a day and age when many of us are concerned about the state of our planet, latex seems like a great choice. If ever you’re looking for a wide collection of catsuits, you can’t go wrong at laidtex.com. It is recommended by many for their quality and after sales support.


Namely, latex is produced from a milky white liquid that sits beneath the barks of rubber trees in South America. Once it goes into collection cups, manufacturers mix it with water, making it a form of synthetic rubber. Latex production is cheap and simple, and the material is biodegradable, making it harmless for the environment.

Are Catsuits Difficult to Maintain?

Aside from understanding how to put on latex clothing, it’s essential to know how to keep it in mint condition. But don’t worry — it’s easier than it might sound. Although you can wash it in a washing machine, we don’t recommend it. Instead, you should keep it manual. So, just submerge your latex catsuit into a bowl of warm soapy water and wash it with your hands. After a couple of minutes, it will be clean, and you’ll need to dry it.


The best way to dry your latex outfit is to let it drip-dry. That is, hang the outfit over your bathtub, and the water will drip down into the drain. It’s better this way than to hang it somewhere where there’s lots of sunlight, as it might damage the material over time. Just make sure to turn the outfit inside out so that the whole thing dries properly. But what about storing latex catsuits? Well, let’s see.

How to Properly Store a Catsuit?

When it comes to keeping your latex in proper condition, it’s just as important to store it safely as it is to clean it. Although you might drip-dry your latex clothing by hanging it, you shouldn’t do the same when storing it. In other words, it’s best to fold your onesie and place it in your wardrobe, and it will be safe and sound there while staying hidden from excess sunlight and higher temperatures. 


If you have kids, it’s best to store your catsuit away from them. Seeing how the material is so shiny and attractive might lure them to play with it. However, this usually ends in a disaster, and kids can mess it up quickly. As such, store your outfit away from them, where they can’t reach it. So, storing latex comes down to a few simple rules: folding it, keeping it away from sunlight and high temperatures, and making sure it stay out of kids’ reach.