For me, tutoring has always been a great way to discover myself. While tutoring private students I have discovered my interest in teaching. It also helped me to gain experience that is valuable for my academics and also to add credible brownie points to my resume. I always wanted to have a profession by which I can encourage and distribute knowledge among the people. The drive towards academics has been a great factor for me to pursue tutoring in the prime of my career.

The productive thing behind tutoring anywhere is not for only those who are learning. it enables one to enhance their all-around skills such as reading, writing, and study skills. It helped me a lot in my career prospects. After tutoring for a detailed time I got to know about the skill I possess and how to make them productive. It also helped me to nurture my knowledge about the different aspects of my life. The core understanding and value of the other aspects can be discovered by gaining further knowledge of the concepts related.

The core benefit of tutoring for me was to help students with their writing, studying, and organization. I was able to refine my skills at large. By being a tutor I am equipped with valuable interpersonal, communication, and listening skills. I was able to explain numerous concepts with a vivid understanding of the life aspects. The learning of the different topics about academics and other aspects of life made me acquire knowledge in a good way. These were my core idea before joining the high school as a tutor. I had experienced a lot of different stature after joining college.


This is the article about my experience after joining the high school as a tutor. After seeing the structure of the school teaching techniques and the different problems faced by the students, I deduced that there should be a prior change of structural techniques. The tutors should attain emotional intelligence by which they can understand the core problems of the students. After all, the sole responsibility of a teacher is to make their students viable to attain knowledge about the different aspects of life. Only making the students knowledgeable should not be the concern of the tutor or teachers.

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The overall growth of the students also depends upon the type of tutor they get. The mindset of the teacher exerts the true knowledge which in turn helps to make them potent for attaining success.

For that, I had researched a lot and conducted several surveys. From them, I got some of the core inferences which coincidences with a different common problem. Those problems not only persists in the students, but also the tutor. Those concerns are as follows:

  • Style of teaching
  • The advancement of the technology
  • Less attention towards the increasing distractions of the students
  • Not including innovative approach while making them understand the critical issue
  • The generation gap
  • The other issues which include empathy

These issues seem of lesser importance, but you cannot ignore them. Some of the issues are very critical and cause lots of problems in the coming period. Other than that, other concerns can be cured by following some of the salient attributes.

Solution for the major problem

Below mentioned are some of the solutions which can be given immense importance.

  • This is quite imperative that before understanding the core problem one should know about the background. Since a few of us come directly from schools or colleges have aspirations, accomplishments, objectives, and praises. Others can have no instruction by any means. The barrier towards the local language can act as a constraint for the students. They certainly give an accurate thought regarding the ways which make to restrain these barriers. When a student understands the core matter of the knowledge then only they can interpret the meaning of the knowledge provided.
  • Socializing with the students plays a very important role in understanding their mindset. It is one of the significant things which cannot be taken lightly. The relation among the students and their tutors should be socially viable. In this changing generation, you should change your approach to gain a keen sense of understanding about the different matters of the student. For instance, I got the chance to tutoring in college where various people studied from different countries. There was a minimum difficulty in creating a healthy ecosystem. This is because the tutors of the college believed in an innovative way of teaching. This way of teaching enables us to make an efficient ecosystem in which everybody is well capable of understanding the needs. In my college, there were the sections of students who attained the gentle level of emotional intelligence due to this innovation by the tutors.
  • The stereotyping is one of the causes of major depression for the students. teachers often stereotype the students as per their understanding of the subjects. The barrier of stereotyping should be diminished as this is the prevalent reason for a deteriorated education sector. The misjudging of people and making them understand their worth can help to attain a great culture. Encouraging others to treat all equally is the core value and this should be attained by the tutors.
  • Everyone is different, you cannot give one solution for every question. Everyone has different concerns and you should take grave attention to everyone. This makes you approach the different problems in the best possible ways. When a tutor is dealing with numerous students then it is very essential to take every concern step by step. Some students may not give their 100% but you should be capable of differentiating that. for a tutor, it is very important to distinguish the real feelings from the fake one. Coping with different sets of problems is very important. Being emotionally intelligent is very important for tutors as it provides a solution to most of the problems. The patience level always plays a driving force while addressing different problems. Keep on with the right state of mind and giving a keen understanding is mandatory for all the tutors and teachers.
  • All of us come from different backgrounds, some of us get good treatment and others not so good. Most of the students studying in the college where I was tutoring are from various households. Some of them have a very rough childhood and others have good. This leads to acquiring bad habits such as negative behavior patterns or smoking. To help them you should be aware of the fact about their backgrounds. This provides a brief idea about the lacking thing of the child. Making that to the right point you can achieve the desired productive result, which may change the life of the student.
  • The relationship is the core feature of any attachment. If you get attached to the student in a good way, then they can unfold their concerns without any hesitation. For knowing them inside out you should opt for innovative skills which makes them open easily. This openness can be acquired with the help of a healthy relationship which is very vital. This attribute is quite important for any of the tutor who wants to work efficiently for their profession.

These are some of the deduction which I had researched when I joined as a tutor in the college. Though my overall experience from the student side was not very good. There was one instance in which some of the students snapped on me due to some unusual reasons. Those were the starting time of my tutoring career. I got confused while getting a hold of those problems.

After that, I had changed my approach and leaned towards emotional intelligence which made me resolve most of the issues related to the students. Most of the students were suffering from some of the chronic depression due to different causes. Some of them are having a hard time in their home and others are coping with excessive pressure. The excessive pressure makes students leaned towards the shortcuts which may make them attain bad habits and acquiring the wrong path in life. These should be given preference as the students are more susceptible to harmful routines.

The verdict

The tutoring has evolved me as a human being which makes me understand the core needs of the people. First, it started with the students but gradually it increased my emotional intelligence which ultimately helps me to bring some of the changes in the surrounding. The interaction with the students made me understand the different problems which are quite acute to cure. Though these can be cured by the right set of solutions. You just have to think in the right direction and everything will take its desired place. Getting to acquaint yourself with the problems which are quite deceptive is a good thing. The students need proper guidance but before providing them with that the tutor should learn about the factors which act as a catalyst to generate emotional intelligence.