The life of a teacher is glorious and full of reputation. A good teacher is always admired everywhere. Those who are giving tuitions to the children at their homes must engage themselves to serve their best so that the child can give his best. A good tutor is always responsible and careful regarding the studies of his students. He takes care of almost everything of a student which he is devoid of. But a good tutor always keeps in mind that nobody is best and successive hard work will fetch glory to his name as well as his student.

While giving tuition to the students, the tutor must keep in mind that he has to give his best in every field. He should be enough competent to solve the problems of his students in different interactive manners. His explanations should be in that way which can drag the attention of his student and he must take interest in his lecture or teachings. A good tutor is always ready to solve the problems of his students and make them feel easy while solving any problem or question. This will add a sort of relief in the mind of the student and he too will try to copy his tutor so that he can fetch good marks.

Quality teaching is very much important and necessary. This includes the active participation of the tutor as well as students. Effective tutoring constitutes such good knowledge of the subject matter and another important thing is that they should be good in the fluency. A good tutor is always careful about his reputation in the market. And his fame is all about the good results of his students performing at different levels. He is the one who works for the betterment of his student working day and night, and selflessly.

One can follow some of the tips to develop himself into a good tutor and can be more effective in tutoring.

Strong grip of the subject matter

A good tutor is always highly knowledgeable about his subject. You can choose the level of class to whom you are interested to teach. Your way of teaching should be convincing as well as friendly. Don’t forget that you are a professional and reputed so always show the high caliber. You must be competent enough to solve almost every problem related to your subject. Always use an easy way to teach so that weak students can grasp it. Never talk anything negative to your students. It can hamper his thought as well as mentality. Present your subject in a very delicate manner so that it can become his friend, not the enemy. There are some of the subjects which create a problem, so they should be dealt with easily and softly.

Teaching methodology

One of the most important things for a tutor is teaching methodology. Every individual has his way of teaching and they know it well that how to serve the student. Those tutors are highly preferred who are well acquainted with the way to deal with the problem of a student. Their recognition is of high eminence. The way of teaching decides how the tutor will tackle the things for his students. Most of the time students face the problem of solving sums in mathematics, but with the help of a tutor, a student can find an easy way to solve the sum and can get good marks too in the examinations. The teaching methodology is again something of high value, and if one is trying to be efficient enough in the field of tutoring, then his methodology should be smart and interesting.

Teach in a friendly manner

A good tutor is always a calm and soothing man. He is always friendly to his students. He is not known for his bad temper, rather he is known for his good temper. A good tutor is a good friend of a student because students only share their problems when they are feeling comfortable or they will hesitate throughout. Teachings in a friendly manner are always appreciated and only a good friend can be a good tutor. Teaching id, not something which is hard, but is the teacher who creates a surrounding which looks fearful. Keeping all these things in mind, one must follow this golden tip to be a good and successful tutor.

A good tutor is confident

A teacher is a man who adds confidence in the life of a student and if a teacher is himself fearful and confident level is zero then he can’t be an effective teacher. A good tutor is always confident, whatever is the situation. He is completely carefree and stresses less. An effective tutor creates an environment that is full of confidence and even weak students show their courage to participate in studies as well as other co-curricular activities. Confidence is something that saves a man to fall and helps a man rise frequently. Some students are introvert and always feel like down and lazy, as in they are good for nothing. For such students, a confident tutor is required who can add extraordinary confidence in them so that they can too match their shoulders with others.

Communication capability

A good tutor should be a good speaker too. He knows well how to communicate and convince the student. His speech quality will decide that there is power in his speech or not. Everybody is capable of speaking but few know the way of effective communication. If you are a tutor then you must know the skills of a good tutor, because a good learner can only be a good teacher. We all are in the process of learning and we must follow this. Communication skill plays an important role in life as well as the career of a tutor as it displays his potential as a teacher. A lot of crowds is already there outside in the world, everybody is willing too for the job of this reputation, but success comes to those who know how to communicate well and in an advanced manner.

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Patience and honesty

Patience and honesty are the key features of a tutor. Honesty is the best policy and tutor need to be honest to his student. His honesty will be a source of inspiration for his students. They will learn this important lesson of life and its significance too. It is said that patients play an important role in the life of a student. For the student of today’s world, this is very crucial to learn that patience is something that they should keep with them or they have to suffer at any point in time. Thus, it is important to be full of patience and firmly honest.

Punctuality is important

A good tutor should be always punctual and be on time. He must be very strict regarding the time and have its value. Many a time it has been seen that some of the teachers are always late, however, they are good at teaching. But this habit of a teacher will be easily learned by the student and he will violate the timing and will be always irregular. The problem of punctuality is a reason to worry amongst students. They are very much reckless and there is no value of time for them.

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To tackle all these things, a student needs a tutor who can teach him first the value of time. The student will follow his tutor if he will be on time. Students copy things at a faster rate, rather it is good or bad.

A good teacher is always a good listener

Being a tutor is a heavy task and to be successful is another important thing in the career of a teacher. A good tutor is always a good listener. The tutor must concentrate on the problem of a student by listening to them very clearly and thoroughly. He must listen to his students in a very smooth and friendly manner and then take out the solution to that problem. Listening is one of the basic- property of an individual before coming into the profession of teaching. Therefore, a tutor must be a good listener so that he can have the best solution for his students.

Effective tutoring is something that can’t be executed by all, but few have this talent or those who are aspiring for this attractive profession can be of the successful portfolio after following these tips. A teacher is regarded as the nation builder and the nation’s future lies on his shoulder. Effective tutoring is something that is seen in few. A good number of tutors are in need, who can show the righteous path of life and make a successful student out of their effort. If all these above tips would be followed wholeheartedly, then a one can find in himself a better tutor who will be ever ready to give best to his students.