I want to become a teacher after completing my Ph.D., so I thought of getting a little bit of practice giving tuitions to college kids. In general, I am a pretty well-behaved and calm person. But I had very little idea, all that would change after I joined as a teacher in the new tutoring class.

Most of my students are from wealthy families. Yes, you are guessing it right, they are all spoiled brats. In the beginning, I would wonder how I would manage a class full of spoiled brats. But as time rolled by and I got closer to my students, things took an unexpected turn.

As a tutor, it is my responsibility to teach them good things in life. But in my class, it is just the opposite. I am learning all the bad stuff that I shouldn’t be doing. The strange part is I am starting to like it.

90% of students are from extremely rich families. They belong from families of CEOs, embassy workers, business owners, etc. since the time I have joined this tutoring class, I have never seen them wearing the same clothes again. It’s like they have a set of designer clothes for every day of the year. It’s insane to see the level of wealth they have. From designer clothes to the latest gadgets, these kids have it all.

All my students live in houses that I can only dream of. To be honest, these are not houses but castles. I once got the chance to visit one of my student’s houses as she invited me to her birthday party. Right from entering her house to exiting it, I met at least 20 security guards. These kids are no less than celebrities. They are spoiled from head to toe with their parent’s money.

Being surrounded by such rich kids is profitable at times. You get to enjoy a lot of things that you wouldn’t get otherwise. I am a guy who has never been to the party circle before. But some of my students are hell-bent on taking me to posh night clubs in the city. I have been with them for quite a few times and believe me, I never had so much fun in life.

The best part of teaching these rich kids is that you get handsome pay. Their parents don’t mind paying any amount that you ask them to. Currently, I earn around $45,000 in a year just out of my tutoring classes. Honestly, I love it. There’s not a single thing that I regret. I even receive my payments on time. I never had to nag them to clear their fees ever. These kids are so filthy rich that they are always ready to spare cash. All you have to do is just ask them.

Now if you are wondering, whether I teach them properly or not, well, I do. In the beginning, I tried being serious with them but it seemed to not affect at all. Thereafter, I changed my way of teaching. All I do is just give them notes. Sometimes, I prepare the notes myself and just hand them over to them. They read the notes and sit for their exams. With rich kids like them, you have to work smart and not hard.

They are never interested in lectures and studies. Therefore, handing them notes is the best way to educate them. They get interested in things like alcohol, weed, and everything illegal. Strangely, they have never got caught or got into any trouble. They are all underage people but they still get their way out with alcohol and drugs. They even gifted me an expensive wine bottle which I am guessing is more than a thousand dollars.

For these kids, spending money is like spending water. They don’t care or feel worried about how much they are spending. All they understand is how to have fun and enjoy life. The good thing about teaching such kids is that there are very few fights in my tuition classes. They are all good friends who love to hang out with each other after class. As far as I know, some of them even sleep together.

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It’s not just the kids even their parents are not very bothered about their kids. They give them everything, without even asking a single question. Whether it be a new car or an Apple laptop, they give their kids everything. I often see my students flaunting their newly bought gadgets in the tuition class. One of them seems to like me a lot and she gifted me a new luxury watch. I know, it’s hard to believe but I am wearing the watch right now.

In the beginning, I used to feel a little awkward to accept such expensive gifts. But now I know that they consider me to be a part of their group. Also, I only a few years senior to them so they like me a lot. From expensive gifts to luxury parties, I get to enjoy it all from my students. This has only made our relationship with each other better. My students and I don’t share a formal relation anymore. We are more like buddies where I give them notes or help them to clear their exams.

It’s like I am getting paid for nothing. I hardly have to put any effort into teaching them. The duration of my class is 1 hour 45 minutes. But it hardly lasts for about 45 minutes. All I do is give them the notes and then we all chill. Well, that’s how I roll my tuition classes with them and honestly, they seem to like it a lot. No pressure, no scolding, nothing. I let them have their fun while I relax in the class. No doubt tutoring these rich kids is the best thing ever. I get to enjoy limitless perks that I couldn’t even imagine.