Being in a college dorm is one of the lively things I have experienced. Though there are challenges that are quite unrelatable. And if you are living in a boy's dormitory, then your life is living hell. Maintaining the discipline and making them do the work is very critical and hard. I have been the hostel warden of a boys hostel almost for a decade. I had found numerous set of events which had kept me awestruck. Sometimes I have been dislodged with the fact which I got to experience.

I have been in a hostel at the time of my academics and lived a life that is quite abnormal. At that time also the boys lived in a distressed manner. They have not been in sync for most of the time. All their stuff lies here and there. Though I tried to keep the things at their places there was something carefree about the mindset of boys or children living in the dormitory. It seems they don't seem to live in a specified manner. The drive to be carefree is the most prevalent thing which gets on a nerve.

Apart from the boy's hostel, the girl's hostel is also of the same category. It is a cliché that girls live in a better way but that is true for some of the girls. When it comes to the hostel or dorm rooms of girls they are quite a bit advanced than the boys. Sometimes we found some of the explicit stuff in the dorm rooms of girls. This article deal provides the instance where we found some of the explicit things in the dorm rooms of girls hostel.

The overview

In our dormitory, there was a pre-defined schedule of checking the dorm rooms which is due to the complaints we get. There was an irony that we get many complaints from the girls only. The predefined schedule for checking was anonymous on any date. This checking also takes place after the student vacates them after their courses getting complete.

So when on such date we went with our specified plan to check all the rooms and we got confused by the things we got to see. There lied an arsenal of different explicit stuff such as sex toys, dildos, dirty sheets covered stained with blood and other things.

Apart from some of the rooms, every room contained some of the explicit stuff which is quite unusual. We have taken them all out and checked thoroughly, there were numerous rooms which are unorganized and the leftovers of the previous night has been there. Some of the rooms also have different drugs which are quite dangerous. This made us question some of the students.

After the inspection, we noted the room numbers and directed the subordinate to clear up that mess.

The aftereffect

When we returned from the inspection, we were quite confused about the findings. There is a large number of explicit stuff, drugs, and leftovers which shows that the students are going through substance abuse and other dangerous habits.

The analysis of that scenario was quite mandatory. The panel of some of the professors and other the permanent solution of this pandemic like situation. This situation may have been caused a lot of damage to the reputation of the college and also to the brand value. These are some of the crude points which can entail how this incident can harm.

  • It will ruin the brand value of the college and may cause a legal inspection by the police.
  • It may cause the students to take a wrong path which is not viable. Afterall these students were going to be the future of the nation.

These being the cause and minutes of meeting we decided to confront the students whose room was piled up with this stuff and making them understand the aftereffect of the things which they are trying to do.

We organized a counseling session in which those students who were found an addicted soul for these explicit contents. The students had been given the ultimatum to attend the counseling session. We were quite adamant to get these students in front of psychologists as that will unfold the core thinking of the students, which will ultimately demolish the hoax of performing these activities makes them cool.

We also had taken some of the core measures such as:

  • Installed CCTV camera in the gallery
  • Security checkpoint while entering and leaving
  • Prior intimation to the warden about any type of recreational activities
  • Making sure that no one gets in the dorm while carrying drugs

These measures provided a sense of frightening in the mind of students, which helped us to drastically reduce the unsocial activities which were going out in the dorm room. These are just the core measure which helped us to make things right. Though these measures were not substantial, but helped a lot in removing some of the basic constraints in the past.

Help by an independent entity such as counselors

After these measures were getting into core functioning we started taking note of the unusual things which were happening. We found that some students are responsible for the supply for these explicit things. We started cornering their data like name, room number, class, etc. this helped us to understand the monopoly of those students who were dived into these activities. these students are then made to get a session from the counselor.

After getting some of the session we observed that fifty percent of those students who got dislodged from that incident acquired a good sense of understanding. The other half of the students just want to remain cool by opting for those drugs.

Some of the female students also have their sex toys in their condo. Though it is quite evident that these are also the stress buster for some of the people. These female students also counseled by the psychologist to get a grasp of their minds. To my very surprise, the outcomes of the counseling session for that female who had their room filled by sex toys are sort of nymphomaniac. Some of the students accepted the fact of being nympho with ease. The other students either got shy or don't want to disclose their thing.

The causes of this mind-boggling situation

After this analysis, we deduced some of the important points which are quite right as per the things which we had confiscated. There is nothing ashamed to carry out those things which make you happy, but simultaneously there should be a restriction which makes it not opt for.

Sex deprived students

Some students are sexually not attractive and the social life of themselves was at the nil side. This made them use this explicit thing first to get their thirst fulfilled. There is a core need for sex for every adult. Though the alternatives for sex was not good if you are dependent upon the sex toys. These sex toys are used by females such as dildos or other things.

Students preferring substance abuse

The student's dorm room which has been found with different kinds of drugs intimated us to look for a credit counseling so that to minimize the consumption of this slow poison. This deems to be the factor that some of the students just wanted to be cool like others by opting for these drugs. When these drugs become addiction then it causes major problems. The counselor had provided some of the essential methods which can demolish those bad habits. Some of the students started this as the alternative to get out of the depression due to academic pressure. For that, we started a specific cell that keeps on helping at the time of such a crisis.

Read this article from Drug Abuse to know more about drug use and its addiction.

The un-routinized schedule

There were massive numbers of students who had their routine upside down. Some of them sleep throughout the day and awakes all night. This made to acquire different schedule which keeps on haunting their good habits. These resulted in the different disturbing orientation of the students. Some became obsessed, others were deprived of the sleep which is quite identifiable with their eyes. To prevent these we started a product awareness which signifies the value of being healthy in the life of any student. For attaining a good intellectual level you should first schedule a different habit. Without that, you cannot attain any of the good things in life.

Though understanding the monopoly of the students is mandatory. Just lamely asking them to quit anything can have a throwback effect. There are some of the methods which make it easeful to carry out all the counseling and its adjacent facilities. After the counseling, we got to know that there was a substantial decrease in substance abuse as well as masturbating culture of the students. Those students who were previously found with explicit stuff in their rooms are now on the right path to adjudge their core motive.