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Newcollege Tutor recognizes the special circumstances faced by athletic teams and athletic team members. Being a member of an athletics program puts extra pressure on a student. Often times this can lead to poor performance academically. With road trips, competitions and practices taking up much of an athlete’s time, this is understandable.


The Value of Working With a Tutor

For Students : Working with a tutor can dramatically improve your grade. Our tutors are available any day, any time. Instantly. This means we can work with your busy schedule, whatever it may be. Whether you’re on the road or you need late evening tutoring sessions, we’re available to work with you to solve problems, finish assignments and understand complex ideas.

For Coaches: We partner with teams to ensure all athletes are performing well in class so they can stay focused on the game. We’ve seen coaches express how incredibly relieved they are to know their players are getting the help they need. During midterms or finals this can mean the difference between low turnout with distracted players, and a team where each player is 100% focused on the game and developing their skills. As every coach knows, so much of what happens on the ice or on the field happens away from practices. Establishing mental focus is a large part of keeping individual players performing at their best and any barrier to this should minimized. Our online tutoring services are an accessible way of removing a big distraction from your players minds and an easy way to boost the well being of your team.

For Parents:  Families with high performance athletes have very busy schedules. By working with an online tutor, you’re providing your children with a convenient method of receiving the help they need to stay on track in school. This means you can finally rest assured your children are getting the help they need even with busy schedules. A lot of parents appreciate how online tutoring has given them the flexibility to have tutoring at any time of the day including early morning, or late evenings after games. There’s no need to drive, we’re easy to schedule and you get to communicate and work directly with your child’s tutor.

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Call: 1-800-217-7195


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