How to Compromise on Holiday with Your Partner

A relationship cannot survive without this meet in the middle attitude and a holiday certainly cant. If you're about to embark on your first trip together then you better learn how to compromise, FAST.

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Choose your destination wisely

There is no point in taking him to the Maldives if he absolutely hates sunbathing. Maybe he hates cold weather too? Then winter sports are out of the question. Share your ideas of what a perfect holiday might be and meet each other halfway. Bear in mind that new experiences can be fun too be open!

Before you go, talk

Talk about your favourite holiday experiences and how you most like to relax whilst you're away. If his idea of relaxation is to party 24/7 in Ibiza and yours is a cultural weekend away then you're going to have to think carefully about where to go and how to spend your time together whilst away. It would be much better to find this information out now rather than later.

Try something different

Be open! How do you know you hate diving if you've never tried it? For your first holiday experience together choose somewhere which gives you a variety of different things to do. A beach holiday will be more fulfilling if it also has cultural sights and fun experiences too.

Spend some time apart

This might seem strange but it makes sense when you think about it. When would you ever spend 24 hours a day with someone and expect them not to get on your nerves?! Spend a morning or day apart and then by the evening you'll be excited to see each other again.

Go self-catering

Self-catering gives you an element of freedom that hotels and B&Bs dont. You can come and go as you please and cook what you want, when you want. If you're unsure how the holiday is going to pan out then choosing this option should make it easier for the both of you. Self-catering can be cheaper too. Its a great choice and it makes compromising (that word again) easier. If you really don't fancy white-water rafting then you can stay in your apartment sunning yourself by the pool then you're both happy!


Again this is something you will need to talk about before you leave. Are you going to pool your money together and share everything? Perhaps it is too early in the relationship for that? Maybe you like to control your own purse-strings? Youll need to discuss your budget and see how you both plan to use your own money. This will never be an easy discussion!

And remember, compromise doesn't have to be a dirty word. Just remember, the more you compromise, the more likely you both are to have a wonderful holiday together.

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