3 Reasons Why You Cannot Not Let Your Dreams Die

Ever consider that your dream is larger than you? While we are on the journey pursuing the big dream and our purpose we sometimes forget that the dream and it's purpose reaches far beyond our vision and is for someone else. Yes we reap the joys and the pain that goes along with the work that you put into the process of realizing your dreams, but often the work that we are doing is for those who are in the generation behind us, our children those born and unborn, grandchildren that we may never meet. The dream is bigger than us.

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Like our grandparents, great grandparents, and even our ancestors had dreams just as we have today. Many of their desires for life are now being realized in our generation. Could it be that what you dream and envision for your children? For the generation of leaders behind you?

Your talents create opportunities for you. We can't afford to allow our dreams to die because the talents we possess are gifts that can be used to create change that others may need. Our talents are not to necessarily boast about and pop collars on, however, they can be used to inspire others and add value others as well as to move your goals and dreams forward.

I often ask people, especially youth I mentor, what are your talents? I often get the usual response, I don't know. I even get that response from adults when I ask that question. Dont look to far, your gifts are what you love and what comes naturally to you. Those same natural talents provide for opportunities to share those talents with the world. You cannot let your dream die, the world needs your input. Life can be such a beautiful cycle of deposits and withdrawals.

Life is too valuable to simply let it pass us by & JUST. HAPPEN. Life has it's ups and downs and often we are figuring things out, planning things out, or doing a lil of both all at the same timeand such is life. You owe it to yourself to experience all that God purposed and planned for your life. Living life in fullness (even with struggle), living hopeful, and expecting greatness we show a form of gratitude that breeds all of those things we help us put in the work of our dreams and reach our goals.

The beautiful dream that you are in pursuit of has great value DONT GIVE UP!

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