I Need To Cross This River

There comes a point in life when you have to take leaks into new adventures. Maybe it's personal growth, going from working for a company to stepping into entrepreneurship or maybe even moving to a different area. We all have to come out of that comfort zone we have been use to in order to step into our destiny, and yes that can be a scary thing! Especially if you are a person that wants control over every situation and when you are not sure which way to turn.

For me, I was always afraid of pursuing my dreams and aspirations because I had to cross into something that was a little unfamiliar to me, especially entrepreneurship. You see I am that person that wants to be able to control situations in my life, and fix everything like I am a super woman. But I had to learn how to take things slow and understand what my purpose was and what steps i needed to take in order to reach it.

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So, here are some steps I took:

1.Meditation. I started to really meditate and get in tuned with my purpose. What i mean by this is that you need to narrow down what you are willing to focus on for the next 90 days and consistently work on that!

2. Read. Gaining knowledge is one of the best things you could ever do to increase your personal growth. You learn how to adapt better and it gives you insight on how to deal with difficult situations

3.Write. Writing really helped me to narrow down so many things in my life. Corporate vs Entrepreneurship.

Think about it, receiving 100% commission on something that you didn't have to physically go into a building and do manual labor blew my mind! Now the question I had to ask myself and one day you will as well. How am I going to continue to strive and go about accomplishing these new adventures? Where do I start? How will I get leads?

Well the answer to all these questions are within empower network. You will learn how to get leads, learn every aspect of working online, personal growth and development, and you get 100% commission that comes in.

Unreal right!

I use to think so until I stepped across that river in life and seen what I could become and the freedom I could acquirer.

Take that leap of faith and cross that river in your life!

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