Networked Learning Project Post #3: Update at the end of Week5

My last update for my NLP about learning to play Spring from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi really helped me think about learning from both the teacher and student perspective. Given that I only have about 5 weeks total to accomplish my goal of learning this movement, the realization that I shouldn't take on the entire movement at once gave me a goal that I believe is much more attainable and realistic. My focus from last week was working on more basic elements, such as scales, hand positioning, and shifting, in hopes that I would be able to play about 30-45 seconds of this movement with more ease. From the learner perspective, breaking down and adjusting my approach has helped quite a bit. I've been able to incorporate playing scales with shifting and have used the recommendations fromShifting from 1st to 3rd Positionand I was also able to use the Suzuki book 5 that I do have to help me practice for this much more advanced piece.

However, because I am only using YouTube and help forums in order to learn this song I am still struggling quite a bit in that I don't have the sheet music in front of me to follow. Therefore, listening to the song as much as possible and being able to see others perform itspecifically their hand and finger placementis one of the next steps for me. One video that I found, although it doesn't show the entire movement, does give me access to hearing the first 1:47 of the song and the video zooms in on the soloist which helps me be able to focus on her shifting and specific finger placements. I am also able to play this video more frequently given that it is shorter than the entire movement which helps me to focus on the beginning parts of the song as I had planned on from last week. Playing this side by side with TheStringClub's video (posted previously) would help me greatly.

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Again, from the learner perspective, the further down the line we get, the more I realize that working full-time and taking classes, along with all of my other responsibilities, makes it very hard to stay motivated to practice as much as I should beespecially for a piece like this. I'm also reminded of all the responsibilities that my students face on a daily basis as well. I am still struggling to find resources, different from the ones I've already found, and therefore feel at this point that all that is left is for me is to utilize what I do have and practice! I am also realizing that even though I only chose the first movement to learn, it is still more than I can handle at this point (probably partly due to my perfectionist personality as well). Without having the sheet music or a teacher to help me, I realize that I need to "chunk" sections better, much like I need to do with my students.

Therefore, my goal is still focusing on the first part of this movement, but hopefully by the end of week 7 I can accomplish about 1 minute and 30 seconds. I don't expect to play it as well as any of people I've seen so far, or at the same tempo, but I do hope that by narrowing down my focus even more I won't feel as much stress when it comes to practicing.

Other resources:

He saved it from a fire when he was only 5 years old and couldn't even play a full-size yet.

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