Eyes On The Prize!!!

I mean now so many things that used to bog me down, makes sense! The failure at my sense of urgency, the headaches, the scatteredness.. with proper habits, navigating will be that much easier! And to what are we navigating to, you ask.

Yes, writing down your goals and your end results is important, how else are you going to determine if you're going in the right direction. But this goes deeper than that. I don't know if you've noticed, but I've done a few things about saying no, but it not really sticking to me. Seeing things without the "normal" lense is a way to remember that we're all on a metaphysical level as well, and there are precautions to take there as well. Our thoughts become our reality. There is much truth to that! Saying NO to others and YES to myself, as selfish as that sounds, is the way we can reach the top together.. because it comes through focusing on our own well-being that we can help others.

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So with thec oming new year it is VITAL to remember to CYA. With all this talk about our guns being taken away (never mind the "first family" doubled theirs), it's important to protect your home and your emotions. Fitness, healthy eating, healthy decisions and really keeping to your to-do's is the way we're going to make 2013 an amazing year! There are weddings on the horizons, divorces, births and deaths. Change is the never ending story and with change and determination the summit is ours to take!

Whether it's a daily prayer time in the morning or a weekly cleansing ritual, do what you need to do to protect yourself and your family. First cover your own face and then assist those around you. Not only will your family be happier for it, but you may or may not extend your own days. Just saying, maybe that drunk driver could be avoided with a little extra voodoo on your side.

I'm testing my RSS feed again, so if you'd be so kind as to resign up or sign up for the first time, I'd really like to get this team off the ground. Getting to know each other is going to be important because that's how we stick it to the man and stay a community in the cyber age.

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