Do you know your foot type?

Just like the human body and how each body type is different from the other and needs to be dressed different so do your feet. There are different types of feet structures which need different types of shoes so as to work more efficiently. What people do today to find out the type of foot structure they have is conduct a wet test also known as a foot wet test.

The Wet test is a test that was originally formulated to find out what type of foot you have. The concept used here is that your wet prints represent how your leg actually distributes the weight as you run. This is rather a simple prose and needs very few things to be done.

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What you will need:

  • Water
  • Paper or a visible surface

What you need to do:

  1. Dip the bottom of your leg on to the water surface.
  2. Take it out and place it on the paper then detach it from the paper and there are the results to the wet test.

The results will show you the type of foot you have which may be: The over pronator/flat/low arch, under pronator/supinator/high arch or neutral pronator /medium arch.

The over pronator/flat/low arch

This is what people refer to as the flat foot. This type of foot implies that while you run your arch stresses inwards to the point where your feet do not absorb shock correctly hence why you get things like muscle cramps; small basic injuries.

What this sort of foot needs is, motion for support and restriction of foot roll and according to wet test running shoes the best type of shoes should have some stability both on the outer and inner sole for example the Asics Gel-Forte mens Running Shoes.

Wet test crossfit shoes would require a lot of stability and minimal flexibility the best type of shoe would be the ASICS Womens GEL-Blur33 TR Cross-Training Shoe because they offer support for the lower arch which would make crossfit training more interesting and enjoyable.

Under pronator/supinator/high arch

The wet test reveals that this feet don't flex enough to provide the need shock absorption. So every time your leg hits the floor it creates a hard impact. What this type of foot needs is a shoe that provides stability that can help reduce the rolling of that foot through the side a good example of this wet test running shoe would be ASICS mens GEL-Kayano 19 running shoes which not only offer comfort and stability but also cushioning in the forefeet.

The wet test crossfit shoes would have be stable and comfortable with high shock absorption and that's why REEBOK Womens Realflex Fusion Training shoe is the ideal shoe for this type of foot. It offers the right stability; the nods at the bottom absorb the shock very well with each nod doing it part.

Neutral pronator /medium arch

This is where majority of the people lie. This type of foot is normal as an athlete runs they land heel first and then arch collapses inward to absorb the impact created as the pressure moves to the toes. The best thing about having this running foot it goes with anything and everything and even when the if a wet tests running shoe was to be conducted those are the results that would be brought up examples of normal simple running shoes include ASICS men's GEL-Nimbus 15 Running Shoe; comfortable and durable.

Crossfit with a medium arch means there is no limitation whatsoever. One can decide to exercise with any type of shoe and not fear getting hurt. Shoes like INOV-8 Womens F-lite 185 cross-Training shoes and then switch to shoes with a heel-to-toe drop of 00MM and are fine.

It would be advisable to go to and seek a professionals opinion especially where other shoes are concerned but for the basics you now know them. As long as you know your foot type the rest is simple. Now that you have the knowledge on what a wet test is and how it is conducted go ahead and try it out.

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