Awesome tips you shouldn't miss on piercings

Cartilage earrings are precious to see but having a cartilage piercings is not an as precious thing to do. For the reason that it can take a really long time to heal. It is more risky unlike the ear lobe piercing which is a fleshy part of the ear wherein blood flows really good that results healing in a short span of time.

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Furthermore it is more painful and more prone to infection. So, here are some tips to assist your piercing and helps your wound to a fast recovery.

Tips on Healing Your Piercing

  • Keep your cartilage earring on your piercing. Do not touch it or even pick the jewelry. It must stay on your piercing for it to gradually form its permanent size and shape .
  • If you want to clean it, immediately get the earring and sterilize it. Clean around your piercing and put back the same earring you used before.
  • Salt solution can help the healing process. Dissolve a large teaspoonful of salt in a small cup of water, maybe any antiseptics available for ear piercings and wash your piercing as it helps for drying and to stop the bleeding of your piercing.

First thing to remember always is the Safety! You must be conscious always of what you are doing like having complicated cartilage earrings. You should know that getting to be pierced; you must use a needle rather than a gun for it may cause too much scarring and disfigurement. Lastly, you must clean your piercing often especially so that you can avoid infection.

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